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Source code for mmedit.models.common.model_utils

# Copyright (c) OpenMMLab. All rights reserved.
import numpy as np
import torch

[docs]def set_requires_grad(nets, requires_grad=False): """Set requires_grad for all the networks. Args: nets (nn.Module | list[nn.Module]): A list of networks or a single network. requires_grad (bool): Whether the networks require gradients or not """ if not isinstance(nets, list): nets = [nets] for net in nets: if net is not None: for param in net.parameters(): param.requires_grad = requires_grad
[docs]def extract_bbox_patch(bbox, img, channel_first=True): """Extract patch from a given bbox. Args: bbox (torch.Tensor | numpy.array): Bbox with (top, left, h, w). If `img` has batch dimension, the `bbox` must be stacked at first dimension. The shape should be (4,) or (n, 4). img (torch.Tensor | numpy.array): Image data to be extracted. If organized in batch dimension, the batch dimension must be the first order like (n, h, w, c) or (n, c, h, w). channel_first (bool): If True, the channel dimension of img is before height and width, e.g. (c, h, w). Otherwise, the img shape (samples in the batch) is like (h, w, c). Returns: (torch.Tensor | numpy.array): Extracted patches. The dimension of the \ output should be the same as `img`. """ def _extract(bbox, img): assert len(bbox) == 4 t, l, h, w = bbox if channel_first: img_patch = img[..., t:t + h, l:l + w] else: img_patch = img[t:t + h, l:l + w, ...] return img_patch input_size = img.shape assert len(input_size) == 3 or len(input_size) == 4 bbox_size = bbox.shape assert bbox_size == (4, ) or (len(bbox_size) == 2 and bbox_size[0] == input_size[0]) # images with batch dimension if len(input_size) == 4: output_list = [] for i in range(input_size[0]): img_patch_ = _extract(bbox[i], img[i:i + 1, ...]) output_list.append(img_patch_) if isinstance(img, torch.Tensor): img_patch =, dim=0) else: img_patch = np.concatenate(output_list, axis=0) # standardize image else: img_patch = _extract(bbox, img) return img_patch
[docs]def scale_bbox(bbox, target_size): """Modify bbox to target size. The original bbox will be enlarged to the target size with the original bbox in the center of the new bbox. Args: bbox (np.ndarray | torch.Tensor): Bboxes to be modified. Bbox can be in batch or not. The shape should be (4,) or (n, 4). target_size (tuple[int]): Target size of final bbox. Returns: (np.ndarray | torch.Tensor): Modified bboxes. """ def _mod(bbox, target_size): top_ori, left_ori, h_ori, w_ori = bbox h, w = target_size assert h >= h_ori and w >= w_ori top = int(max(0, top_ori - (h - h_ori) // 2)) left = int(max(0, left_ori - (w - w_ori) // 2)) if isinstance(bbox, torch.Tensor): bbox_new = torch.Tensor([top, left, h, w]).type_as(bbox) else: bbox_new = np.asarray([top, left, h, w]) return bbox_new if isinstance(bbox, torch.Tensor): bbox_new = torch.zeros_like(bbox) elif isinstance(bbox, np.ndarray): bbox_new = np.zeros_like(bbox) else: raise TypeError('bbox mush be torch.Tensor or numpy.ndarray' f'but got type {type(bbox)}') bbox_shape = list(bbox.shape) if len(bbox_shape) == 2: for i in range(bbox_shape[0]): bbox_new[i, :] = _mod(bbox[i], target_size) else: bbox_new = _mod(bbox, target_size) return bbox_new
[docs]def extract_around_bbox(img, bbox, target_size, channel_first=True): """Extract patches around the given bbox. Args: bbox (np.ndarray | torch.Tensor): Bboxes to be modified. Bbox can be in batch or not. target_size (List(int)): Target size of final bbox. Returns: (torch.Tensor | numpy.array): Extracted patches. The dimension of the \ output should be the same as `img`. """ bbox_new = scale_bbox(bbox, target_size) img_patch = extract_bbox_patch(bbox_new, img, channel_first=channel_first) return img_patch, bbox_new
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