Source code for mmedit.utils.logger

# Copyright (c) OpenMMLab. All rights reserved.
import logging

from mmcv.utils import get_logger

[docs]def get_root_logger(log_file=None, log_level=logging.INFO): """Get the root logger. The logger will be initialized if it has not been initialized. By default a StreamHandler will be added. If `log_file` is specified, a FileHandler will also be added. The name of the root logger is the top-level package name, e.g., "mmedit". Args: log_file (str | None): The log filename. If specified, a FileHandler will be added to the root logger. log_level (int): The root logger level. Note that only the process of rank 0 is affected, while other processes will set the level to "Error" and be silent most of the time. Returns: logging.Logger: The root logger. """ # root logger name: mmedit logger = get_logger(__name__.split('.')[0], log_file, log_level) return logger
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